​Human Translation Services

​We deliver world class translations at market leading prices ​done by native speakers from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and UK.


​Most projects require world class quality​, but sometimes you just need simple and more cost effective translations​. Thats why we have two levels of pricing, so that you can get exactly what you need. Sample texts for each level is available upon request.

​Small order

​Current price:

$8.50 /100 words

Perfect for smaller projects.
​Accurate translation of your text by a native speaker. ​

​Bulk order

​Save big!

$​68/1000 words

​Perfect for big projects.
​Accurate translation of your text by a native speaker.

Translation Services

Norwegian 🇳🇴 

English 🇺🇸 ​​➥ Norwegian 🇳🇴 

Norwegian 🇳🇴 ​➥ English 🇺🇸

Swedish 🇸🇪

English 🇺🇸 ➥ Swedish 🇸🇪 

 Swedish 🇸🇪 ➥ English 🇺🇸

Danish 🇩🇰

English 🇺🇸 ➥ Danish 🇩🇰 

 Danish 🇩🇰 ➥ English 🇺🇸

About Profilert.net

​Profilert.net is ​a modern digital marketing company that serve all types of clients and deliver our services worldwide.

All our employees work remotely and have talents related to translation, writing, design and marketing.

​We take pride in offering the best quality, pricing and customer service in the digital marketing industry.

What Our Customers Say

​We need high volumes of translated product descriptions. Using random freelancers have been a headache for us due to variable quality and pricing. Profilert.net gave us a dedicated translator. Now we get everything in the same tone and style, with quick turnaround time at great prices!



​We own a lot of affiliate websites that publish new content in 5 different languages on a daily basis. ​This can be a bit chaotic. Profilert.net keep track of everything for us and sends us the right content at the right times, so all we have to worry about is publishing the awesome content they translate for us.



​We produce crazy amounts of articles written in english and have a constant need of having these articles translated, so that we can break in to new markets. Profilert.net is by far the best you will ever get hold of when it comes to translations for the nordic and Scandinavian languages. Its simply outstanding!



Frequently Asked Questions - Answered

What is your pricing?

Pricing starts at $0.068/word if you order over 1000 words. It's $0.085/word if you want to order below 1000 words.

Can I pay by invoice?

Yes, sure! Email us a post@profilert.net and we'll manually take your order and create the invoice based on your requirements and needs.

What is the expected delivery time?

The turnaround time will depend a lot on the complexity of your project and the word count you order. Feel free to email us at post@profilert.net before ordering and we'll agree on a delivery date.

Is all translators native speakers?

Yes! We take pride in delivering world class quality on all our work. As a natural part of that, all translators are native speakers to ensure you get perfect grammar, flow and tone.

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